We build to withstand - time, the elements, the dog. We've seen the fads, we know what lasts, we know what works, and we know why. We're not afraid to try new things - we have to, we build custom. And we build quality, always.  

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We've been around.  Building is in our blood and goes back generations.  We're embedded in our community.  People know us: our moms and our pops, and where we came from.  We build our relationships on trust and respect, and expect likewise.  We like to work hard because it feels good and we do things right because that's just the way things are done.

Shelter is not only a basic human need; it is also a tangible expression of our clients' dreams.  We listen and we build.  We develop long-term partnerships and create homes that will last far into the future.



Jason Skinner comes from a heritage of builders.  His earliest memories are riding around in his grandfather's lumber truck.  He grew up with generations of men with tools in their hands and reverence for the land.  They restored buildings as a way of life, and reused materials before it was fashionable. 

Jason had the good fortune to learn the skills of carpentry under the guidance and tutelage of many fine men.  At one point, crossing paths with a Japanese Master Craftsman with a keen eye for detail: every beam exactly in line, every wall straight to the corner.  There would be no excuse for shoddy workmanship.  To this day, Jason is just as proud to show the work beneath the coverings as he is the beauty that displays above.  

Jason's strict discipline and organizational skills helped him fly right through his years in the United States military and brings a superior level of management and oversight to all aspects of each job.  With more than 25 years in the business he has seen most head scratching situations, but still gets excited by a perfectly straight foundation.




Our team is here for you.  From the folks in the office to the crews onsite.  We excel at working collaboratively, contributing in meaningful ways and asking informed questions - cutting to the heart of the matter.   We've rounded up not just the best at what they do, but good people to boot.  We do what it takes to get a thorough understanding of the project, work efficiently and focus on each client's needs and perspectives.  If it matters to you, it matters to us.

We are committed to teamwork, quality, innovation and our clients.